Headshot NYC Photography Client Testimonials


Terry Schreiber

"Rod is dedicated to his clients'
headshot standing out from the pile."

— Terry Schreiber
T. Schreiber Studio
Justin Bennett

"Thanks so much to the time and
effort you put into this. I'm really
excited about this shot.  It's terrific."

— Justin Bennett
Anna Dundon

"Thanks again! You're awesome!"

— Anna Dundon

Amadeo Fusca

"I'm lovin' the photos, Rod! Money
well spent. Great work."

— Amadeo Fusca
Keilly Mc Quail

"They came out great. Thanks again, Rod!"

— Keilly McQuail
Jennifer Gargano

"I am very pleased with the
photos, thanks so much!! I really
Like the lighting you use, it's exactly
what I was looking for. Thanks again!"

— Jennifer Gargano
Katie VanrRnsalier

"Thank you!! There were so many I liked;
it was VERY hard to choose."

— Katie VanRensalier
Renada Romain

"Hi Rod, all of the pics. are wonderful!
Thanks again, and I look forward
to working with you again!!!"

— Renada Romain
Emmy Laybourne

"Thank you for a lovely session, Rod.
It was truly a pleasure to meet
you and Jennifer."

— Emmy Laybourne

"Thanks so much, I'm really happy with them!"

— Daniela Libertini
Jen Emma Hertel

"These are great. Thanks and
it was really great working with you."

— Jen Emma Hertel
Ciaran Byrne

"Thanks a million, Rod! The photos
are great!! I love them!!!"

— Ciaran Byrne
Colleen Murphy

"Thanks, Rod. The shoot was
easy and the picking was hard!!!"

— Colleen Murphy
Sally Schwab

"I picked up my picture...I absolutely
love it. Thanks so much!!"

— Sally Schwab
Stephanie Mosley

"Thank you SO much! The proofs
are fantastic! I love them!!!
Much love!"

— Stephanie Mosley
Virginia Roncetti

"Thank you again for my wonderful
photos, and for your generosity in offering
your Mondays Suck deal! Again,
many, many thanks."

— Virginia Roncetti
Wendy Holland

"Thank you, thank you!
  You are the best!!"

— Wendy Holland
Carly Jara

"Thanks for the photo shoot! It was
fun and the photos are great!"

— Carly Jara
Elaina Hanson

"Thank you for your excellent photography
skills.  Right after we began using the
headshots, Izzy landed a Broadway show
(Billy Elliot)!!! "

— Elaina Hanson
Charles Rubey

"I am extremely happy with the results!"

— Charles Rubey
Tom Tansey

"These are fantastic!
 Thank you very much."

— Tom Tansey
Sue Doherty

"Thanks so much! The pictures were
great and she had fun. Thanks again!
Sure we will be seeing more of you."

— Sue Doherty
Joy Curry

"Yesssss....it does look great! Thank you!"

— Joy Curry
Dannette Bock

"I LOVE my pictures! I can't thank
you enough. Truly a fan forever!"

— Dannette Bock
Adeel Ahmed

"Just wanted to thanks so much for
the shots. In the first week that I used
my headshot, I was casted for 4
projects in 3 days! Thanks so much!!!!"

— Adeel Ahmed
Derek Michalak

"Hey Bud, just wanted to tell you
it was great shooting with you and I
LOVE the pictures. Many thanks!"

— Derek Michalak
Mary Grace Keller

"Wow, these turned out amazing! You
did such an awesome job!!! Thank
you so much!"

— Mary Grace Keller
Laurence Nlum

"Well Mr. G, the bad thing is THERE
better than the alternative...Thanks again!"

— Laurence Blum
Irina Livitina

"WOW, Rod they are amazing! Thanks
a lot! You are the best. Thank you!"

— Irina Livitina
Afedziwa Hayford

"Yay! Thank you, Rod. I'm happy to
have chosen you. You offer a complete
package. In addition to the nice shots,
the marketing tools concept is a great
idea. Thanks again!"

— Afedziwa Hayford
Anthony Alvarez

"Hey Rod, Great job. I'm so happy
with the results. You are the best, man.
Thanks for an excellent job!"

— Anthony Alvarez
Michael Walker

"Hi Rod, The shots look great! Thanks!"

— Michael Walker
Chris Thompson

"Hi Rod, First of all...Thanks again
for the great headshots. You're awesome!"

Chris Thompson
Seok Jaelim

"Hey Rod, Thanks again for everything.
These photos are awesome and there's
about 6 of them that I really love."

— Seok Jae Lim
Jaysen Nelson

"Holy crap! I look hot! Thank
you so much, Rod. You are
f***ing amazing!"

— Jaysen Nelson
Rich Jarris

"Rod, you definitely found your calling
in life. You are very talented!"

— Rich Harris
Jack Silfen

"I've gotten some great feedback with
the shots but it doesn't surprise me. You're a
magician who turned a mug like mine into
a halfway decent looking one!!!!!"

— Jack "Cyclone" Silfen
Patrick Fernicola

"I got 2 auditions e-mailing the
new headshot and they aren't printed yet.
Thank you."

— Pat Fernicola
Kira Sternbach

"Thanks, Rod! They look really good! This
will be a TOUGH decision! If you have
any opinions, please send 'em my way.
Thanks again!"

— Kira Sternbach
lisa MaMacchia

"Hi, Rod. So I got all my stuff back
from reproductions & I love my pictures!
Thanks again for everything."

— Lisa LaMacchia
Jackie Popper

"I absolutely love the picture. I had a
wonderful experience working with you."

— Jackie Popper
Diane Reilly

"Thanks for everything—they came out great!"

— Diane Reilly
Whitney Pinn

"The pictures look great! I'm so
happy. Thank you!"

— Whitney Pinn
Bronwen Pardes

"Thanks for everything! I'm
thrilled with the results!"

— Bronwen Pardes
National Madison Group

Dear Rod:

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job
on our new corporate headshots. Your
professionalism and expertise during the
shoot was evident in the quality of the
photographs we received."


Andrea McDaniel
Director, Firm Development
National Madison
Lily Mercer

"Everyone LOVES IT!!!"

— Lily Mercer