Preparing for your NYC Headshots Photo Shoot


Your photos are your most important weapon in your marketing strategy.

Many times your headshot is your first chance to make an impression on the decision makers.  So get sleep and don't party the night before your photo shoot.  Try not to stress over your shoot because that stress will often show up in adverse ways, like in your complexion.  Try not to cut your hair for a week before your session.  Your hair is alive and reacts to being cut.  It needs time to adjust to a cut.  Drink lots of water.  Breathe, relax and visualize.

Who are you, what's your story and what type do you see yourself being cast as? Be honest with yourself as to your type.

What to Bring

Most important is a good attitude!

Feel free to bring your old headshots.  Share your likes and dislikes.  If any of your friends' or colleagues' headshots appeal to you, bring them.   Examples help your team to see your sense of style. Many people enjoy music. Although we have Premium Pandora Radio feel free to bring your own music if you'd like.

Please pack your clothing neatly!

What to Wear for Your Shoot


Solid colors.  Colors that compliment you.  No prints, patterns, plaids, logos etc.  Textures are OK.   Black is good.  No cowl necks, boat necks, turtle necks (mock turtles instead) V-necks look good, business casual (blazer).  Bring several options so we can pick the best for you.  For comfort,  jeans or slacks are easiest to pose in.  No baggy clothes, no jewelry no hats.  It is important to feel great in your clothes.  If you feel good, you look good.  General rule with clothes is  when in doubt, bring it and the worst case is that we don't use it.


Solid colors that compliment you.  No prints, patterns, logos etc.  Textures are good.  Black is good.  V-Necks are good.  Business casual (blazer, tie).  No hats, earrings or jewelry.  No baggy clothes.  It's important to feel good in your clothes.  Bring a good variety for us to choose from.  More clothes are better than not enough.