/ Rod Goodman Photo: Blog en-us (C) 2024 Rod Goodman All Rights Reserved ( / Rod Goodman Photo) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT / Rod Goodman Photo: Blog 120 90 Brooke “Viosocalist” Alford-Artist of the Violin We photographed Brooke for her new upcoming CD.  She is a very talented musician and a pretty cool person.

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Shamus Hates Birthdays! Shamus just turned one and he is not happy with that!

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Flashes of Hope I donated my photography to a great organization called Flashes of Hope. yesterday.

What a great time I had.  I photographed 25 children ages 3 to 16 years.  These kids were so cool and fun and happy and they all share something in common.  They all have cancer.

Flashes of Hope organizes photo shoots for these kids.  The photographer takes the portraits and edits the shoot and then a lab donates their service to put packages together and sends the photo packages to the kids and their families.

I will be shooting for them again on Aug. 5 and also in the future at New York area hospitals.

Please visit their website and donate if you can.


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Still working on the busker project This is the Saw Lady.  She’s a very cool girl who plays the saw.  She once got in trouble with the police because they felt her saw was a weapon.  So now she has a saw with no teeth!  Shot for my ongoing project on subway performers, the Busker Project.

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The Easter Bunny went nuts I shot this the other day.I love the dog’s smile. I’ve never seen such a big smile on a dog!  The guy in the costume is Jonah.  He’s a good kid and really great with dogs.

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Come see me at the Film, Stage & Showbiz Expo Well this is the first time that I rented a booth at a trade show. It is this Sunday March 29th 10am to 6pm.

My make up artist and great friend Jenn will be with me all day to help. I had 7500 books of "Monday’s Suck" matches printed!

They gave me the booth right next to the original Batmobile!! Pretty cool huh?

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the Busker Project continues I met Randy Stern on the 1 train going downtown one night.  Randy actually prefers to perform on the train instead of the platform.  The strolls through each car playing with a bag hanging from the head of his guitar.

When he came to my studio he told me about his past with a band called "The Nerve", his new album which he produced himself with money that he earns, in part,  playing in the subways.  We also talked about life, love, women, music and lost love. 

When I meet people like Randy I am greatly inspired to continue on with this great personal project.

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continuing my Busker project I’m still working on my Buskers Project.  Slow going.  Many of the performers are a bit suspicious of anything offered for free.  I guess I understand, I’d be suspicious too.  This is Tony Charmz.  I met him on the 1 train platform at the 110th St. downtown stop.  Interesting story, man of the family by a very early age.  Good guy, I run into him from time to time, as a matter of fact I run into all the buskers I’ve shot.  The other people on the platforms seem curious why I get a warm welcome from these guys working the station.  I LOVE THIS PROJECT!
Tony Charmz

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Happy holiday again Once again, Tis the Holiday season.  This year my wife Susan, my pug T-bird and myself went downtown to Marc Jacobs on Bleeker and 11th Ave.   Every year they offer free holiday shots.  Two years ago it was with Santa and even though I’m a 200+ pounder, he let us both sit on his lap.  Last year I got a picture of just my pug with Santa and this year they got rid of Santa (he probably is collecting disability from my fat ass sitting on him) and they got a Nutcracker theme.  Yes friends, you can indeed find free things to do in NYC!  Happy New Year!

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My ongoing Busker project This is PK.  I met him playing on the downtown 6 train platform at 96th street.  It’s so funny how our preconceived notions come in to play more ofter than not.  At first glance this guy looked like he may have been homeless.  When I told him what I was up to he was so excited.  So was I because (unlike some subway performers) he was really good.  When he came to my studio he was ready to work.  He played some of his songs and rocked the place!  After I shot him for a bit, we talked and he was so cool.  He lives in the city in Harlem with his wife, who works at a local market, he plays 5 days a week, preferring the more quiet stations so people could hear him play.  He makes more money than his wife and does his own thing.  He is saving up for a computer and is eager to design a My Space page.  He is newly married and his wife is the love of his life.  He loves making a difference in peoples days with his music and loves New York.  When I see him playing now I go up to him and say hi and he stops playing to talk for a bit.  I am proud to call PK my friend.

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