Actor's Marketing Material


We want to help you continue to succeed with your acting career.

We will supply you with your choice of marketing material at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

Here's how our program works:

Upon completion of your photo session, you will get to choose from a list of marketing material. All Marketing Material is guaranteed to be up-to-date and accurate.

Once you choose which lists you would like, we will mail them to you free of charge.

DELUXE HEADSHOT PACKAGE clients, you may pick any combination of 4 items from the lists below.

STANDARD HEADSHOT PACKAGE clients, you may pick any combination of 2 items from the lists below.

CHILDREN'S HEADSHOT PACKAGE clients, you may pick 1 item from the lists below.


Mailing Labels

Personal Managers List (135 labels)
Film Agents (140 labels)
Commercial Agents, SAG franchised agencies (80 labels)
Theatrical Agents, EQUITY franchised agencies (95 labels)
Modeling / Commercial Print Agents (85 labels)
Casting Directors includes Soaps, Independent, Series, Production Companies and more (310 labels)
Children/young adults agencies (120 labels)


Information Books

New York Agencies Directory:
The MOST CURRENT AGENT INFORMATION including recent agency openings (and closings), union franchised agents, sub-agent names, types of talent represented, types of talent some agents are currently seeking.

Personal Managers Directory:
Everything you need to know about how to get a Personal Manager, what to expect and a listing of the "Who's Who" of the Personal Manager world. The book is published quarterly and includes listings for all National Conference of Personal Managers (NCOPM) and the kinds of talent they are seeking.

Casting Directors Guide:
Casting Directors Guide lists by category the contact information of all the casting directors in Soaps, Films, Television, Ad Agencies, Productions houses in New York City.

*All material is provided by Henderson Enterprises*